3 Main Reasons to Choose Direct Lenders, LLC

When it comes to selecting the best mortgage company out there for your home financing needs there can be a lot of information that just seems to make very little sense. Most people tend to choose the most well-known company on the internet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that company is the best.

Direct Lenders, LLC is a full-service lender that offers the expertise of a big lender but provides an unmatched customer service that no other company provides. Many people forget that with the big lenders there are many people all over the country working on your file. Whereas Direct Lenders, LLC has the privilege of having all members of the mortgage process under one roof.

  1. Underwriters issue prequalification approvals for our borrowers’ loans. Those that may not know the Underwriter is the one who makes the final decision on whether a borrower is allowed to get their loan or not. That’s why our way of having the Underwriter involved from the beginning makes a huge difference. We can give borrowers an answer quickly and approach each situation with an all-hands-on deck mentality.
  2. We offer specialized products other lenders don’t. Since our office is filled with individuals with over 30 years of experience, we not only offer a full selection of loan program options, but we have the knowledge that many lenders do not possess to be successful for each. These programs include FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA, Jumbo, and FHA 203K rehabilitation. Confused by what a program like FHA 203K rehabilitation is? Check it out right here!
  3. Small lender with full services. As discussed, a little earlier Direct Lenders, LLC can give borrowers a much more accurate and positive experience then the bigger lenders. Our Kennesaw home hosts the loan advising team, processing team, underwriting team, and the funding team only separated by a walk down one hallway that may stretch 200 feet. A collective effort to make sure every borrower can receive the best service and receive the best value possible.

Now that we have a better understanding why Direct Lenders, LLC is the greatest mortgage lender around that means there is only one last thing to do… Apply for a loan! If you aren’t quite ready to jump into the loan process then give Direct Lenders, LLC a call today at (877) 455-0440 and let one of their fantastic team members answer all questions or concerns you may have.

3 Main Reasons

  1. Underwriters are in it from the beginning
  2. We offer a loan program for any and all
  3. Locally owned and nationally known

"I was working with Randy for a closing and both he and his team were incredible. They were responsive to any questions I had and were also quick to ask for anything they needed. Randy definitely took care of me and I would definitely recommend him and Direct Lenders to anyone that needs a loan!" 

  • Joe G.