Best At Home Valentine’s Day Meals

The key to making the best Valentine's Day meal is to make it for the person you love. You don't have to be a master chef, but you have to put in a little effort. A little effort will go a long way.

Little did you know, Direct Lenders, LLC is filled with fantastic chefs. So fantastic, we may need to start a side business. All kidding aside, everybody likes saving money. A great way to save money and make your other half happy this Valentine's Day is to make a delicious date-night meal at home.

We all know that kids throw a little wrench in the plans, but get a sitter for the night and enjoy time together. Below are three main-course food options to whip-up while staying home this Valentine's Day. There are tons of great meals to choose from, but these are some of your Direct Lenders' favorites.

Loan Officer Lloyd Fiedler

Lloyd Fiedler

Loan Officer

Top 3 Meals

Calling all those steak fanatics out there. Now is your time to shine. Filet Mignon sounds fancy and tastes wonderful. The steak will most likely taste even better because it was seasoned and cooked at the source of your own hands. Filet Mignon doesn't take very long to prepare and cook. It also tastes so good if done right. Make sure to add in some killer sides with it like a loaded baked potato and some baked asparagus.

Oh come on! This is s delicious dish and isn't all that complex to make. Some might say to go with Lady and The Tramp and produce a dish of spaghetti and meatballs for your lover. That's not a bad idea, but lasagna is better. That is our opinion at least. Also, make sure to throw in a side salad, which is very easy to throw together. If you want some extra carbs and a tasty treat to soak up some marinara sauce then make sure to bake some garlic bread.

This one is for the folks that enjoy fish. Even those that don't, you may want to give this a try because it's that good. The amount of flavor if done right can really set your taste buds on fire and steal the show. It's healthy and can be displayed to a T. Don't forget to cut up some seasoned potatoes and a green of your choice.

Note: Make sure to provide the perfect refreshments and desserts to make it the real-deal!

Additional V-Day Essentials

Gentlemen please remember to get flowers for your woman and make sure to snag some of their favorite treats. It is okay to be basic and get the stereotypical Valentine's Day items that won't go unappreciated from your significant other. If you are wise then you will get your other half something that is special to you both and your relationship. Below are great places to order flowers and treats from for those that don't want to just get the ones out the bucket or off the shelf at Kroger.

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