5 Best Backyard Swing Sets

Every home needs a grade A swing set for the kids to enjoy as they grow older. Direct Lenders, LLC believes that in today's digital world there are a lot of kids that lack the outdoor adventure. That is something that use to be instilled in so many of us.

Now, believe it or not, swing sets are made a lot differently then they use to make them. If you can dream it then they can do it. The cost for these fun-filled backyard necessities vary in cost. Now is a great time to secure a top-tier swing set since so many homeowners are sitting on a ton of home equity. A simple cash-out refinance can offer the funds for this purchase.

There are tons of options out there, but we have narrowed it down to our 5 best backyard swing sets. This is completely open for debate. There are so many options out there that many people have their own opinion about.

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Direct Lenders, LLC Playground
Direct Lenders, LLC Playground
Direct Lenders, LLC Playground
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Best 5 Swing Sets

This is a little unfair! The price for this swing set is a little on the wild side. Can you blame them? Since house prices are higher than normal it may not be a bad idea to go ahead and purchase one of these. It is named the Swing Kingdom for good reason. There is a mini house attached to the decked out swing set. If you want your kids out of your main house for a while then this is your best bet.

Another Swing Kingdom falls into our 5 best swing sets and it sure does belong in it. This is one that has a little bit of everything. A mini elevated house with a sand pit underneath and a rocking picnic table at one end. It's an all-around winner. There are so many options that there isn't a single kid that won't find something interesting to play on with this one. Plus, the price is about half the cost of the SK-60 above.

The lowest cost on the list belongs to the wooden Empire Extreme! Right under $2,000 this beauty of a swing set is a great addition to any home. Multiple slides, monkey bars, and rock walls are a hit. Your kid will be the most popular individual in the neighborhood. When looking at the best bang for your buck, this is the route to go. There is enough going on that boredom is almost an irrelevant concept for this work of art.

Creativity is something that really matters. Kids are the purest form of creativity that's around. Nothing screams creativity like Noah's ark designed to be a kids ultimate playground. One thing to keep in mind is that there are tons of attachments that can be added on to make this unique play ground a superior choice. This includes an actual frame addition that adds swings to Noah's ark. At a greater than $8,600 investment it can be yours.

Okay! This is a little insane that they offer these to people, but you know this is amazing to have. Multiple stories, games, several slides, and all sorts of detailed characteristics. The price is just a little behind the most expensive playground on our list and that is why it falls to number 5. Extremely unique and eye popping, but the price for the Zipping Zebra is out of this world.

Note: Direct Lenders, LLC does not receive any incentive to discuss these products. We simply want to share what looks cool and makes us a little jealous of the kids today!

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