Affordable Summer Fun For The Whole Family

We have reached the time of year where the heat is hammering down and the kids are running wild trying to keep from being bored. The current market we live in has made it hard to travel and spend money. That is why we have detailed some affordable summer fun for the whole family to do.

Direct Lenders, LLC is a lender like no other that cares about all of our clients. We want to make sure that our people are able to enjoy their lives. If anybody needs anything then that is what we are here for.

Let's dig into three ideas that are affordable and fun. Each idea is not original, but they are great ways that anybody old or young can join in on. One thing to remember is that only smiles are allowed this summer season. No matter what's happening in this world it's time to put that aside and have fun!

Loan Officer Lloyd Fiedler

Lloyd Fiedler

Loan Officer

3 Affordable Things To Do

1) Water Balloon Fight

Summer is HOT! That means the best way to cool off and have some fun is to play with some water. There is nothing more fun then a water balloon fight. The best part is that they are cheap. Anybody can order over 500 water balloons for under $30. Just order them from Amazon and get ready to have one of the best days ever. Not only will everybody have fun, but the memories that will be made are absolutely priceless. Prepare for tons of laughter to join you during your water balloon battles.

2) Outdoor Picnic

There are parks all over the place, which means a chance for people to enjoy the beautiful weather at a relatively affordable price. All you need is a way to get there and a large blanket to put in a field. Make sure to pack a cooler with your drink and food of choice. Oh and definitely bring some games to play. Some great outdoor picnic game options are Kan Jam, Ladder Toss, football and even card games! One excellent and refreshing necessity are ice pops to cool off. Lastly, don't forget sunscreen!

3) Lemonade Stand

Raise your hand if you ever set up a lemonade stand as a kid? It is a rite of passage to serve the people in and around your community with an ice cold glass of lemonade. Plus this is not only an affordable idea to make the most out of a summer day, but it can actually produce a little return on investment if business is successful. Throw a table out front of your house and a little sign with lemonade ready to flow. The people will come and enjoy the beverage, but the best part is seeing your kids face when they earn a quarter or two.

Note: Creativity can lead to some crazy fun ideas that may be affordable fun. Don't kill creativity!

Summer Fun at Home

If you are looking to enjoy your summer in a new home then reach out to us. We are always ready to help any person finance their home the right way. Also, if you are a real estate agent then when you are done throwing water balloons at your kids then reach out to us at Direct Lenders, LLC so we can build our relationship.

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