Home Equity Line of Credit

We are extremely happy to announce that we have brought back not only a Second Mortgage product, but as well as a Home Equity Line of Credit product. In a market where there are so many people sitting on a large sum of equity it is important that lenders have products that can support people's needs.

The HELOC is a perfect way for those who have built equity into their current home and need some extra money for additional expenses. Also, if you just want extra money on hand just in case any curveballs come your way.

It is no surprise that the current market has been challenging for many people. A product like a HELOC offers people a great opportunity to get through a challenging time like this. Also, a little secret. You don't always have to use everything you receive in the form of a HELOC.

Loan Officer Chandler Hilton

Chandler Hilton

Loan Officer

Why a HELOC?

1) Home Renovations

There are countless of to-do list items that need to be done around the home. Many of which will add value to the home if completed. A HELOC is a great way to take out money you've earned and invest it back to what your home needs. You can replace old windows, repair a roof, fix leaking pipes, add-on to a home, finish that landscaping project and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

2) Student Tuition

Everybody wants to be able to support their kids hopes and dreams. Those kids that want to go to college but may be nervous if they can financially afford the tuition, well this is their opportunity. Pay off that student tuition without taking out student loans. Once again, this is acting as an investment and will produce a return. So, not only are you using the money you've earned from your home, but you are placing it back into something that may produce greater returns.

3) Emergency Fund

Life! It happens to every single one of us. The key is to be prepared for it when it does. A HELOC is a chunk of money that is there for you when you need it. You don't have to use it all at once. When you do use it then you can pay it down and use it again. What a phenomenal concept! Keep using your money to do things that help support you and your family.

Note: Home Equity Line Of Credit is just another way to have money on hand when you need it.

What about a Cash-Out Refinance?

A Cash-Out Refinance is an amazing option for those that have a high interest rate and a large amount of equity in their home. This can offer many positives including:

  • Reduced interest rate
  • Cash to use wherever/whenever
  • Only dealing with a single mortgage

While there are many positives to consider with a Cash-Out Refinance there still can be times that seem to be unreasonable to pursue this product. For instance, if a person has a low interest rate and they choose a Cash-Out Refinance option, then even though they are getting their desired cash they are also getting stuck with a higher interest rate and higher monthly payment. That is where a HELOC is perfect!

We Offer a First-Class HELOC Product

Interested in receiving a HELOC? Then contact us today so we can get you in touch with an expert loan officer. We would love the opportunity to be able to better assist you and your home financing dreams. Make sure to give us a call at (877) 455-0440 to get started with your loan application or continue to explore our website for some really great information about why we are the only lender for you.