Where Will You Be In 2023?

The fireworks are popping and the New Year has arrived. How was your 2022? Many of us may have struggled and many may have thrived. No matter what we have a valuable question for you. Where will you be in 2023?

All of us at Direct Lenders, LLC are thankful to have had the opportunity to help many people finance their home in 2022. That being said, we want to make 2023 our most impactful year yet.

There are so many people in and around the places we serve that are hesitant to buy a home in such a challenging market. We want you all to know that we understand. We are confident that no matter the market we can help you finance the place you want to be in 2023.

Loan Officer Beth Southern

Beth Southern

Loan Officer

Why 2023 Is Your Year

Reason #1: Past The Peak

The most grueling part of the storm has passed. We believe the peak was reached last year and that now we are heading back down to safety. There are many promising signs, such as good news on inflation numbers, house prices leveling back out and interest rate hikes slowing down drastically. This country has seen one of the craziest economic situations unfold in the past few years, but there is so much hope for the new year. The hardest part for anything is getting started. That's where we come in!

Reason #2: Waiting Too Long

One major mistake that many may make is waiting too long to get back into the homebuying arena. The reason is because there are tons of people sitting on the fence paying record high rent prices because they are not sure what's going to happen. When all of those people jump back in we will likely see bidding wars go crazy again and many will miss out on their first, second and even third choice for a home. Now, is a perfect time to win the home of your dreams. If your interest rate isn't perfect then the great news is that if they drop to a reasonable rate to refinance then we will help you do that as well.

Reason #3: Light At The End of The Tunnel

Information shows that 2023 is a much better year to invest and buy a home. Experts believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel and now is the time to start looking again. We are consistently seeing the market balance itself back to a more reliable market. Real estate is arguably the greatest investment any person can ever make, so if you are able to qualify then don't wait until it's too late. We would love to help you figure out if 2023 is the time to finance where you will be.

Note: You will be where you want to be in 2023!

Let's Find Your Place To Be In 2023

We have the connections needed to help you not only finance your dream home this year, but to find your dream home. Our biggest recommendation is to be proactive, so you beat the rush and secure the home that is calling your name.

All we want is to make sure you have the best 2023 there can be. We know that having a place to call home makes that so much easier. Make sure to give us a call at (877) 455-0440 to get started with your loan application or continue to explore our website for some really great information about why we are the only lender for you.