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Conventional Purchase and Refinance

Conventional loans are a very popular option for those who have small amounts of debt and have a fantastic credit score to go with it. The main difference for a conventional loan is that it is not done by a government agency.

Fixed Rate

As a fixed rate conventional loan the borrower is able to have a consistent interest rate throughout the life of the loan. A key advantage to a fixed rate conventional loan is that it allows for larger loan amounts in comparison to what a government agency would produce.


An adjustable-rate mortgage loan means that the interest rate may fluctuate throughout the life of the loan. The positive side to an ARM is that it may offer a lower interest rate for the first 10 or fewer years before adjusting.

HomeReady (First-Time Homebuyers)

The HomeReady conventional loan is done through Fannie Mae. This version of the HomeReady loan is to assist first-time homebuyers. The key difference to the program is that it requires the borrower to pay PMI until 80% of the property's loan-to-value is reached.

HomeReady (Under Income Maximums)

All HomeReady loans were created to assist people with lower income purchase or refinance their home. The program lowers down payments and mortgage insurance requirements to support those with less income.

HomeStyle - Rehabilitation Loans

A HomeStyle loan provides extra money to put towards improving a current home through refinancing or when purchasing a new home. This program is a great way to save the borrower time and energy when searching for extra cash to get renovations done around the house.

USDA Purchase

Through USDA's rural development program, Direct Lenders, LLC can assist home buyers in rural areas in determining whether they are eligible for these special loans. These loans give buyers the ability to secure affordable financing without paying massive down payments. They also offer low interest rates and don't include monthly PMI charges.

Fixed Rate

The fixed rate USDA loan is for those living in or moving to specific rural or suburban areas. Once again, the rate stays the same throughout the life of the loan, but is designed for low-income borrowers that may need adjustments on down payments.

FHA Purchase and Refinance

Offering loan flexibility and rate security if you want it, an FHA loan is an easy way to get a new home loan. Down payments can be as low as 3.5%, which was designed to help save borrowers money up-front in order to make other spending more available.

Fixed Rate

As discussed with a conventional loan, FHA also offers a fixed rate program that allows borrowers to be able to know what their interest rate is going to be for the entirety of the loan. This can be anywhere from a 15 to a 30 year loan program.


There is one key difference with the FHA adjustable-rate mortgage loan program instead of the conventional ARM, which is that it is ensured through the Federal Housing Administration. This protects the lender when taking a chance on certain loan applications.

203(k) - Rehabilitation Loans

Direct Lenders, LLC's FHA 203k loans are perfect for houses that are damaged or sorely in need of rehabilitation. The loan covers not only the cost of the property but also the costs of necessary home repairs. Repairs can include room additions and bathroom remodeling.

VA Purchase and Refinance

With relaxed credit standards and low down payment options, the VA loan is geared specifically to help veterans and military personnel get a mortgage and own a home.

Fixed Rate

In order to provide a benefit to those that serve and qualify for VA loans, the fixed rate is typically lower then other fixed rate programs. This is possible because the VA ensures 25% or less per loan, which allows lenders to offer better rates.


As our other loan programs the VA ARM loan has interest rates that may fluctuate depending on what the market is doing. The advantage for this VA program is that the government does its' best to keep military members and their families at a much lower risk.


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