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Atlanta, GA

Big Time Lender

Our company has all of the capabilities and knowledge of the biggest lenders around. There is nothing a big business lender can do that Direct Lenders, LLC cannot. We are built to help our borrowers with any need they may have.

Small Town Customer Service

Have you ever been to a small town where everybody knows everybody and the town is loaded with kind-hearted people? Welcome to Direct Lenders, LLC. Our team is always ready to communicate understanding and respect to every customer that trusts us with their financial needs. We are a local lender that is made to succeed anywhere a financial need is requested. Our company may be small, but we display a care like no other.

Direct Lenders is a Small Town Lender

One Roof, One Lender

Most lenders operate in many different locations, which means your personal information is being sent to many different unknown places with many different people passing it along. Direct Lenders, LLC completely operates under a single roof in Kennesaw, Georgia. This adds not only speed to your loan process, but special care for your information from the beginning to the end. Plus, everything stays in one location. We truly are one of a kind.

Mortgage Industry's Finest

Every member of Direct Lenders, LLC team was hand-picked making sure that the company is loaded with experts. The processors, underwriters, closers, and loan officers all have between 15-35 years of industry experience. The company plans to bring on new individuals to add to that experience, but also offer a program to teach the next generation, so they too can become an expert.

Direct Lenders, LLC Believes In Keeping Our Community Informed

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