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Where Will You Be In 2023?
The fireworks are popping and the New Year has arrived. How was your 2022? Many of us may have struggled and many may have thrived. No matter what we have a valuable question for you. Where will you be in 2023? All of us at Direct Lenders, LLC are thankful to have had the opportunity […]
Home Loans
2/1 Buydown Program
One of the most talked about loan programs on the market is a 2/1 Buydown program. So, what is this 2/1 Buydown? Well, it is a simple concept, but the full details of the program are rather complex.Some may think this is a new program that mortgage companies have come up with to combat inflation, […]
Tricks & Treats To Pumpkin Carving
October is a month filled with many festive traditions and activities. Of course, Halloween caps off the month, but leading up to it is a ton of fun. That's why we have listed tricks and treats to pumpkin carving. Maybe you can try something new with your family at home this year.Direct Lenders, LLC is […]
Get Back In The Home Buying Game
Now is a great time to get back in the home buying game. There has been a lot of concern as to if buying a home is a smart decision with the way today's market is. The simple answer is yes, but why?As a mortgage lender we have witnessed many people back out of their […]

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